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Shotguns Washington

Find single-action, double-action and single/double shotguns in this selection and choose which whichever style suits your needs. Each Shotgun is made with built-in safety features to help prevent accidental misfires. Consider the environment in which you are housing your gun collection, and make sure your equipment has appropriate security measures to avoid injury.

We offer a diverse range of shotguns like pump action, lever action, single shot, semi-automatic, over-thunder, side by side, bolt action and much more. The pump action shotguns offered by us are America's favorite with their ultra-dependable action. Known as the 'Workhorse' by those who spend their weekends in the field or at the shooting range, the Maverick shotgun has established an enviable reputation. Affordable hunting and security shotguns are known around the world for performance and value. The lever action shotgun of ours is quite a favorite of collectors and cowboy action shooters; the firearm is also ideal for hunting. The single action shotguns are famous for their long-range whereas the semi-automatic shotguns designed for law enforcement and home defense. The over-under shotguns give a lively feel and the natural pointing ability. The slug shotgun is a highly specialized bolt action shotgun that obsoletes the traditional shotgun with a rifled barrel. Our 870 18 barrel shotgun offers a great joy of shooting and superior results as well.