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When you're out on that hiking excursion, camping trip or hunting outing, you never know what may happen, so let Silenced Weapons LLC keep you prepared with our wide selection of top quality knives and Multitools. From a traditional pocket knife to an easy-to-use fillet knife, there's a knife available for each and every situation. Our assortment of Bowie knives and hunting knives goes a long way when you need to gut and skin your most recent catch.

Keep these knives from getting dull with one of our best in class knife sharpeners. During emergencies, having the best quality knife can make a difference between life and death while in the outdoors. We offer fixed blades, folding knives, knife accessories and diverse range of utilities related to the knives. Our knives are of premium quality and come with easy cut sharpness. The durability of these knives is what it makes the best buy. Due to the superior quality, reliability, and high durability, the knives offered by the Silenced Weapons LLC are most preferred in Washington. Ours Woods Chogan is here to make your life easy when you're off the grid. It has a solid chunk of supreme carbon steel that is hot forged into a rock-solid head and features a hammer finish. The t-hawk has primary and secondary edge bevels that are flat ground to cut through timber like a beaver.