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Whether you're adding to an old collection or looking for a handgun you can use for self-defence in the event of an emergency, this selection of handguns includes a wide variety of well-constructed firearms. From 9mm pistols and .22 pistols to .380 pistols for sale, you're sure to get the right firearm for any situation in this diverse selection.

At Silenced Weapons LLC, Washington, we offer a variety of handguns such as Revolvers, Semi-automatic, Lever action, Derringer, Single Shot, Black powder and much more. The Ruger, Taurus, Smith & Wesson model are in high demand due to the durability, compact grip and easy to carry. The S&W Bodyguard represents one of the very best options for concealed carry offering shooters a legitimate caliber with excellent stopping power. The Semi-automatic handgun models offered by the Taurus and Tanfoglio are great to carry and enjoyable to shoot. A cut-down, modified version of repeating rifle, the lever action handgun offers the speed of a lever-action rifle as well. The Derringer handguns are longer barreled and provide tighter shot patterns, higher Velocities, and even more manageable recoil. The unique build up of the single shot handguns combines style and functionality while providing a fun and exciting shooting experience. These guns are usually used for target practicing in Washington. If you are a gun collector, then you must go through the black powder guns offered by us. There are many different types of black powder sidearms for short range and close quarter combat.

At Silenced Weapons LLC, Washington we also offer a variety of handgun cases such as hard-sided gun cases, double gun case, Dragon gun case, xd Springfield 9mm, Springfield Armory 9mm xd s, Tavor x95 sights and much more.