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Anyone can enter into any gun store out there in Washington and feel inferior or unwelcome. We at Silenced Weapons LLC aim to change that. We love the gun industry and have vowed to create a user-friendly online marketplace for any person who wishes to buy guns of his/her choice. We at Silenced Weapons LLC also strive to educate those who are new to the firearms, and it's technicalities by guiding with all the necessary knowledge about the guns and how to be safe and progress their skills as a shooter. Silenced Weapons LLC was established in 2011 by a group of talented individuals with many years of experience that wanted to provide Washington residents with a safe, clean, upscale and convenient establishment to purchase guns online. After seeing the lack of quality and reliability in gun businesses in Washington, it was apparent that there was one thing we set out to do; provide an upscale quality website for all skill levels of gun enthusiasts. We have partnered and had connections with some of the best in the business to give a perfect match for everyone who wants the guns of their choice. We offer a broad range of guns and all the guns related accessories such as Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Ammo, Magazines, Optics, Knives, Parts and Gear, Suppressors/NFA/Title II and much more. We are specialized in our wide variety of high-quality handguns including hard-sided gun cases, double gun case, Dragon gun case, xd Springfield 9mm, Springfield Armory 9mm xd s, Tavor x95 sights, etc. So, whichever gun you require for your personal use. Whether it is a simple handgun, a shotgun, a rifle for hunting or a machine gun; Washington-based Silenced Weapons LLC is the name you can rely on! We are the reliable and premier source for guns for sale online.

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Our Sevices

Whether you're adding to an old collection or looking for a handgun you can use for self-defence in the event of an emergency, this selection of handguns includes a wide variety of well-constructed firearms. From 9mm pistols and .22 pistols to .380 pistols for sale, you're sure to get the right firearm for any situation in this diverse selection.

All the rifles offered by us in Washington are branded, reliable and of top quality. We offer a variety of rifles including semi-automatic, bolt-action, lever-action, pump action, combos, single shot, tactical, lower and bolt action receivers, black powder, revolvers and much more.

The semi-automatic rifle offers consumers an affordable option with rugged reliability. The bolt action rifles are known for their degree of precision and accuracy, whereas the classic western style lever action rifle offers style. The pump action rifles feature quick-release magazines, exceptional strength, safety, and reliability. Our rifle combos are unique and make it the perfect, versatile choice for first-time hunters to seasoned veterans alike. Safety and safe handling are of paramount importance in special purpose firearms, and our single shot rifles are engineered with that in mind.

Find single-action, double-action and single/double shotguns in this selection and choose which whichever style suits your needs. Each Shotgun is made with built-in safety features to help prevent accidental misfires. Consider the environment in which you are housing your gun collection, and make sure your equipment has appropriate security measures to avoid injury.

We offer a diverse range of shotguns like pump action, lever action, single shot, semi-automatic, over-thunder, side by side, bolt action and much more. The pump action shotguns offered by us are America's favorite with their ultra-dependable action. Known as the 'Workhorse' by those who spend their weekends in the field or at the shooting range, the Maverick shotgun has established an enviable reputation. Affordable hunting and security shotguns are known around the world for performance and value. The lever action shotgun of ours is quite a favorite of collectors and cowboy action shooters; the firearm is also ideal for hunting.

We at Silenced Weapons LLC offer the best quality reloading supplies from the world's most reliable and most-respected manufacturers known by shooters worldwide for quality and consistency. High-quality powders, primers, brass cases and bullets ensure the performance, reliable feeding and consistent accuracy serious shooters demand. Our new-manufacture, reloadable ammo is ideal for practice, target shooting, and training.

Ammunition is mainly divided into two sections - rimfire ammo and centerfire ammunition. When it comes to choosing between the two, centerfire ammunition is the better, more versatile option, since centerfire bullets travel faster than rimfire rounds, feature bigger casings and hold more gun powder. We at Silenced Weapons LLC offer ammo for rifle, handgun, rimfire, shotgun, bulk ammo, slugs, and blanks. Before purchasing ammo online, consider what type of ammo will work with your existing rifle, shotgun, pistol or other firearm.

Washington-based Silent Weapons LLC offers top quality gun magazines at extremely affordable rates that suit your pockets. We offer the high capacity as well as standard gun magazines as per your requirements. We have a variety of gun magazines are the next-generation polymer magazine for a diverse range of weapons Incorporating new material technology and manufacturing processes.

These gun magazines have enhanced strength, durability and reliability exceed rigorous military performance specifications. Modified internal and external geometry also permits operation with a broad range of non-Colt-spec. platforms. The low-profile ribs and aggressive front and rear texture give positive control in every type of environment. Many gun magazines have a paint-pen dot matrix on the bottom panel of the body which allows easy marking for identification. These gun magazines are easy-to-disassemble, flared floorplate aids extraction and handling while providing improved drop protection.

Be a true marksman with the sight of a hawk through the magnifying power of tactical optics and scopes from a variety of top brands. We at Silenced Weapon LLC, Washington offer a wide variety of optics which are your shooting and hunting companion in a real sense. With our assortment of many tactical optics and scopes that range from affordable to luxury, shooters, as well as hunters, can enjoy greater accuracy especially a broader field of view while stalking their hunt. We offer a broad range of high-end optics such as binoculars, Nikon spotting scope, Leupold spotting scope, night vision scope, TLR tactical light, night vision optics, night vision for scope, vx r Leupold, TLR 1 light, TLR 1 hl, sig rangefinder kilo 2000, etc. Apart from these high-end optics, we provide top-quality scope with night vision, day night vision scope, Nikon Buckmaster scope, Nikon ProStaff rangefinder 3i, Leupold vx r scope, TLR 1 c4, Streamlight 69260 TLR 1, range finder Monocular, Gen 3 night vision, Streamlight TLR 1 hl weapon light, ATN night vision, night vision scope and much more.

When you're out on that hiking excursion, camping trip or hunting outing, you never know what may happen, so let Silenced Weapons LLC keep you prepared with our wide selection of top quality knives and Multitools. From a traditional pocket knife to an easy-to-use fillet knife, there's a knife available for each and every situation. Our assortment of Bowie knives and hunting knives goes a long way when you need to gut and skin your most recent catch.

Keep these knives from getting dull with one of our best in class knife sharpeners. During emergencies, having the best quality knife can make a difference between life and death while in the outdoors. We offer fixed blades, folding knives, knife accessories and diverse range of utilities related to the knives. Our knives are of premium quality and come with easy cut sharpness. The durability of these knives is what it makes the best buy. Due to the superior quality, reliability, and high durability, the knives offered by the Silenced Weapons LLC are most preferred in Washington.

We at Silenced Weapons LLC, understand the fact that only guns, ammo, and knives are not enough. There are a variety of accessories, parts, and gear which offer a great support when you are on a trip, hiking excursion or on a hunting mission. Our parts and gears have also helped a huge number of police and military officials in their line of work, making Washington-based Silenced Weapons LLC their most preferred choice

You can check out the wide variety of parts and gears offered by us on our Online Marketplace. These parts and gears include Accessories, Air Guns and Slingshots, Barrels/Choke Tubes, Books/Softwares, Cleaning Equipment, Clothing, Conversion Kits, Decoys, Electronics, Game Calls, Grip/Pads/Stocks, Hard Gun Cases, and so on. You can also get a broad range of Holsters, Non Lethal Defense, Parts, Pistol Cases, Reloading Equipment, Safes/Security, Scent Cover, Slings/Swivels, Soft Gun Cases, Steel Targets, Survival Supplies, Targets, Tools and upper receivers.

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